Jordan Doyle I make cool things on occasion.

Scan single word Twitter names using Python

So, Twitter is kind of a big thing. There’s a massive market for Twitter usernames and, as far as I can see, finding a username is mainly done by hand. I can’t for the life of me find a Twitter username scanner so I decided to do what I do best make one myself in Python.

Generating super secure passwords that are super memorable

I use LastPass for all my passwords (and I recommend that everyone does!), but I’ve recently been thinking, what about my master password? My laptop password? My keychain password? Then I remembered the XKCD from a while ago informing everyone that 4 random words are both securer & easier to remember than a base word with random characters replaced with symbols.

Scanning Available GitHub Usernames

My new-found obsession of short or “original” usernames has found its way to GitHub. I’ve already wrote a lot of scripts to scan usernames so when I decided I wanted a super short username for GitHub, I just thought why the hell not.